Enrichment Classes

Enrichment classes are offered to Extended Day Students and Elementary Students for 17 weeks each semester. You have a choice of one or two 50 minute classes. This is an optional program that is taught by professionals from the community and Trinity.

Enrichment classes are offered in addition to our regular school curriculum and are paid for separately. Registrations are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Fall Enrichment Class Selections:

Chess Class– Ken McBride, the king of the chessboard, will be returning to engage your children in the challenge of playing chess. Ken and Ron Loberman, owner of the Rochester Chess Center, have been providing chess tutoring for several years at TMS and in many schools in the area. The children learn the rules of chess, techniques, and concentration. Girls and boys of all ages and talents love the game!

Yoga: Move with Me Action Adventures with Liza– Playful movement based self-regulation is so important! Our curriculum integrates story, creative movement, yoga and self-regulation such that children embody social-emotional skills and enjoy the daily exercise they need to maintain a healthy weight and enhance cognitive skills. Movement builds brain and body-improving self-awareness, learning, memory, behavior and executive function.

Pottery with Barb Messina– Join us for self-expression, communication, reasoning, and logical thinking as we are introduced to the world of clay. There will be plenty of support, inspiration, and instruction from artist Barb Messina who has many years of teaching and creating pottery classes. For our elementary students, Barb will use a wide range of projects and building techniques to incorporate design, color and technique! All participants will be taking finished projects home.

Trinity Gladiators with Mr. Bellapianta– Back by popular demand! Based on an early 90s TV Show, our students will participate in classic challenges such as Joust, The Maze, Rocket Ball and Assault. In keeping with our creative mind and healthy body theme, we will work on interval training, plyometric, lifting and calisthenics. Choose a team name that exemplifies your team spirit!

VEX IQ Robotics with Professor Berenbaum– VEXIQ has developed a new classroom and competition friendly program to teach students structural and electronic components to creating their own robot. They will work in teams that will support not only the creation of the robot but the presentation at the qualifying event on Sunday, January 17th and NYS Championships held on Sunday, February 21st! Our robotics coach will be Professor Berenbaum who created and teaches robotics classes at SUNY Alfred. Professor has had several experiences with LEGO Robotics and STEM Classes and Curriculum.

Music Workshop with Mr. Moore and Mr. Ben– Students will be split into two separate classes: 7-12 year olds and 4-6 year olds. Older students will be encouraged to learn to cover and write a song by groups. They can form a band, learn an instrument and cooperatively arrange a song. The end result is that students will have gained a new understanding of music along with a sense of creative empowerment. Younger students will be introduced to elementary notes and chords and be shown basic concepts of music reading. They can participate in engaging games that involve essential rhythmic principles enabling them to create music together. By the end of the semester, students will have a basic understanding of music concepts as well as how to play together as a group.

Suzuki Violin– Under the supervision of Nancy Strelau, Nazareth College’s String and Orchestra Director plus guest instructors from Nazareth College will invite students to learn pieces by rote reinforced ear training, posture technique, musical awareness and will learn to love to play the violin. Violin rental is available through Paul Strelau.

Art with Miss Santoro– Danielle’s focus wiwll be on drawing and painting using concepts of line, shape, texture and brush technique. Craft projects will go along with the study piece.


Fall Enrichment classes are held Wednesdays

September 16th to February 10th.