Enrichment Classes

Enrichment classes are offered to Extended Day Students and Elementary Students for 17 weeks each semester. You have a choice of one or two 50 minute classes. This is an optional program that is taught by professionals from the community and Trinity.

Enrichment classes are offered in addition to our regular school curriculum and are paid for separately. Registrations are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Fall Enrichment Class Selections:

Chess Class– Ken McBride, the king of the chessboard, will be returning to engage your children in the challenge of playing chess. Ken and Ron Loberman, owner of the Rochester Chess Center, have been providing chess tutoring for several years at TMS and in many schools in the area. The children learn the rules of chess, techniques, and concentration. Girls and boys of all ages and talents love the game!

Yoga: Move with Me Action Adventures with Liza– Playful movement based self-regulation is so important! Our curriculum integrates story, creative movement, yoga and self-regulation such that children embody social-emotional skills and enjoy the daily exercise they need to maintain a healthy weight and enhance cognitive skills. Movement builds brain and body-improving self-awareness, learning, memory, behavior and executive function.

Fall Enrichment classes are held Wednesdays starting September 18.