Trinity’s Virtual Gala

Dear Parents and Friends,

Mark your calendars for April 17 and join Trinity’s first-ever Virtual Gala!

What’s a virtual gala?  We bring the event right into your home! (So there’s no need for a mask.  Or a babysitter, unless you really want one).

Here’s what’s planned so far:

1. An entertaining program that includes lots of videos of your kids in school

2. A magic show for your children to enjoy!

3. A cocktail class for YOU to enjoy!

4. A “Viewing Box”  available with your ticket that includes the ingredients of your new cocktail along with hors d’oeuvres, dessert, flowers, and a magic gift for the kids

5. A Wine Pull and Lego Raffle

6. A really cool silent auction with all sorts of wonderful things to  bid on, including artwork made by your Trinity student  

Our Annual Gala is Trinity’s largest fundraiser and as we navigate this year of Covid together, we so need your support to make this night extra special.  We’d love your help in finding sponsors, donors and advertisers. 

Register Here for the Trinity Virtual Gala!

Please share the forms below with family and friends and then contact Diana Palotas at for more information.

Let’s make our first “Virtual Trinity Gala” a huge success, and celebrate our amazing year of working together to stay in-school together!

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